Patrick Littell
Department of Linguistics
University of British Columbia

I am a PhD Candidate in Linguistics at the University of British Columbia, working on my dissertation "Focus Alternatives in Kwak'wala". My current research centers around the semantics, syntax, and intonational phonology of Kwak'wala, a critically endangered Northern Wakashan language spoken on Vancouver Island and the adjacent mainland.

Recent Papers Morphological parsing of Swahili using crowdsourced lexical resources Littell, P, Price, K. and Levin, L. 2014. To appear in Proceedings of LREC 2014. Further dimensions of evidential variation: Evidence from Nɬeʔkepmxcín Littell, P. 2014. To appear in H. Greene (ed.), Proceedings of SULA 7. Introducing computational concepts in a linguistic olympiad Littell, P., Levin, L., Eisner, J. and Radev, D. 2013. In Derzhanski, I. and Radev, D. (eds.), Proceedings of the fourth workshop on teaching NLP, 51st annual meeting of the ACL. The content of copulas in Kwak'wala Littell, P. 2012. In E. Bogal-Allbritten (ed.), Proceedings of the sixth conference on the semantics of under-represented languages in the Americas and SULA-Bar. Kwak'wala "agreement" as partial subject copy Littell, P. 2012. In LSA Annual Meeting Extended Abstracts 2012. Mistaken identity: Boas's dilemma and the missing Kwak'wala copula Littell, P. 2012. In Gutiérrez, A. and Stelle, E. (eds.), UBC Linguistics Qualifying Papers 1 (2010-11). Reconsidering sensory evidence in Nɬeʔkepmxcín Littell, P. and Mackie, S. 2011. In J. Lyon and J. Dunham (eds.), Papers for ICSNL XLVI: The forty-sixth international conference on Salish and neighboring languages. Vancouver: University of British Columbia. On the semantics of conjectural questions Littell, P., Matthewson, L. and Peterson, T. 2009. In M. Schenner, R.-M. Déchaine, T. Peterson and U. Sauerland (eds.), Evidence from evidentials. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Working Papers in Linguistics.